From 12 kg to 18 kg for a wide range of alloys

Forelli Pietro Srl

With the prime objective of satisfying client needs, the company adapted its finished products in various formats that vary from 12 kg to 18 kg. 

Having ample stock of alloy available, we can promptly respond to any of our client requests.

Even though equipped with the most modern and advanced productive technologies, the company has in any case maintained a craftsmen-based structure, which in our opinion is a fundamental characteristic for guaranteeing a maximum degree of quality and safety.

To aid these technologies we run a modern laboratory, equipped with fluorescence-based and voltaic arc instruments for the analytical control of alloys as well as instruments for the micrographic verification of materials.

The brass range we produce is, traditionally, amongst the most extensive available.
Our lengthy experience on the national market and the extent of our export business, qualify us as valid partners for all types of utilisation. Considering this, we summarise hereunder our main productions, grouping them by prevalent deployment, with emphasis however on the fact that our plants regularly produce different alloys to client specification or according to standards and specifications from various Countries.
Our experienced technicians are at your disposal for any required service, in-depth analyses or study of new alloy or processing that may arise from the market or with clients.

We have a large stock of alloys that allow us to respond promptly to the requests of all our customers.

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Our alloys


Low Lead

Special high
strenght Brasses


Tin Bronzes

UBA Positive
List 4MS

Our laboratory

We have a modern laboratory, equipped with fluorescence instruments, and with a voltaic arc for analytical control of alloys and instruments for micrographic control of materials.



X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for chemical tests


Optical emission spectrometer for the analysis of low atomic weight elements


Optical microscope for metallographic examinations


Hardness gauge for materials testing